About Us

Greater Texas Foundation emerged in its present form following the election of its predecessor entity, the Greater Texas Student Loan Corporation, to expand its charitable purpose.  Headquartered in Bryan, Texas, the foundation serves the citizens and educational institutions of Texas by supporting initiatives that increase rates of post-secondary enrollment and completion for all Texas students, with a particular focus on students who may encounter barriers to post-secondary success.

In 2014, the foundation underwent a comprehensive review of its work and related issues. Throughout this process the foundation maintained its focus on postsecondary preparation, access, persistence, and success in Texas, but also explored how it might increase its positive impact in a quickly-changing postsecondary landscape.

GTF’s resulting strategy includes an appreciation for the following:

  • The foundation believes support for regional-level work is critical so that regions across Texas can better collaborate, share information, and align systems that support the success of all students.
  • The foundation believes a focus on specific issues can provide leverage points for improving postsecondary outcomes across Texas.
  • In addition to being a grantmaking organization, the foundation believes we have a responsibility to use multiple roles to achieve greater impact, including roles related to research, convening, and policy advocacy.

Finally, the foundation believes that by addressing these three areas as part of GTF’s new strategy, we can be more strategic, flexible, and ultimately effective in advancing the cause of postsecondary education in the state of Texas.

The foundation realizes that many of the challenges facing Texas are enormous, much bigger than we alone can address.  For this reason the foundation works hard to engage other state and national funders to partner with in achieving our specific goals and objectives.  During our time as a grantmaking entity, we have come far and learned much about the challenges that Texas students face on their road to post-secondary completion.  This is why we continue to focus our efforts on helping students overcome many of these challenges.

If you would like to read more about this journey, please visit Our Strategy page.

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