GTF announces a grant in the amount of $390,000 to EduGuide for their program: EduGuide Texas Persistence Network: Increasing College Persistence in the Rio Grande Valley

The EduGuide Texas Persistence Network is a three-year initiative to grow a sustainable and replicable model in the Rio Grande Valley to increase college persistence. The initiative will equip partners in the collective impact network to build student grit and other noncognitive skills which research shows critically impact persistence. It will provide partners with evidence-based tools and transitional support systems that also can facilitate collaboration between secondary and post-secondary institutions in mentoring students along the pathway to degree completion. Working with others, EduGuide will also disseminate lessons learned from the initiative statewide to plant seeds for future partnerships and replication in other communities.


1. Train and equip partners in the Rio Grande Valley collective impact network to strategically apply noncognitive research in their schools, colleges and programs.

2. Scale up programming to more than 9,000 students in partnering schools and colleges that share costs, comparative insights and mentoring relationships.

3. Disseminate a sustainable model for integrating noncognitive strategies and collaborative programming into regional collective impact networks.

Students will:

A.    Engage in weekly, evidence-based, online activities in their classes.

B.    Get coached by teachers, counselors and community mentors via EduGuide’s online tools.

C.    Build grit and other core learning skills that improve attitudes, behaviors and achievement.

D.    Year after year, persistently pursue their personal development path on EduGuide with their mentors as they transition from school to college to graduation.