GTF announces a grant to the Center for Community College Student Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin for their Program: Texas Small and Rural Colleges Working Together

Brief Project Description: The purpose of the Texas Small and Rural Colleges Working Together project is to support the development of data-informed institutional improvement of 15 colleges, a consortium coordinated by Dr. Tex Buckhaults (Executive Vice President of Academics and Student Affairs at Clarendon College), which educate over 53,000 students.

1. Brazosport College
2. Clarendon College
3. Coastal Bend College
4. Grayson College
5. Howard College
6. Kilgore College
7. Lamar Institute of Technology
8. Northeast Texas Community College
9. Ranger College
10. Southwest Texas Junior College
11. Texas State Technical College in Harlingen
12. Texas State Technical College in Marshall
13. Texas State Technical College in Sweetwater
14. Texas State Technical College in Waco
15. Western Texas College

Each participating college will send up to five people to the two events: president/chancellor, chief academic officer, chief student services officer, faculty leader, and lead institutional research officer.

The project will include:

  • Convening or Workshop: At the fall 2016 workshop, colleges will analyze collected data to understand student progress, identify gaps in achievement among student populations, identify a student engagement benchmark for further review, and create an action item to implement during spring 2017 to strengthen that benchmark. In addition, 12 of the 15 colleges are administering the CCSSE 2016 financial health module. These colleges will be encouraged to review this data in a breakout session. Furthermore, all colleges will be provided the CCSSE–Pathways Tool, which is currently being designed, that breaks down CCSSE items into the four Pathways “buckets”: (1) Choose a path; (2) Enter a path; (3) Stay on a Path; and (4) Ensure learning on a path. Viewing data in this new framework will motivate colleges to rethink existing practices.
  • Evaluation: In May 2017, the 15 colleges will submit a reflection on the action item that was implemented in spring 2017. Center staff will analyze reflections and identify common themes across all submissions.
  • Dissemination: Colleges will gather again for a pre-conference session at the Texas Success Center meeting in 2017 (fall semester) to discuss what they have learned, share next steps, continue