GTF announces a grant to the Texas Tribune to support their work in education data applications.

Brief Project Description:


The Texas Tribune,, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that informs Texans — and engages with them — on public policy, politics, government and statewide issues. By providing a steady stream of fair, thorough and balanced reports, the Tribune has become a trusted source for nonpartisan news for a growing audience of more than 1M unique monthly users. The Tribune’s content is also accessed beyond its site as it is distributed free of charge to 100-plus media partners (broadcast, print and digital), giving readers, listeners and viewers in big cities and small towns equal access to information.

The purpose of this project is to support the Tribune’s education data applications so that Texans have ready access to important public information. The grant supports personnel costs to create, maintain and update Tribune data apps that provide Texans with a level of information and accountability that can otherwise be difficult to access. One key part of the project will include combining the Higher Ed Outcomes Explorer with the popular Public Schools Explorer, a database of available information on all of Texas’s 1,200+ districts and 8,600+ public schools, into one comprehensive data tool.

Since the Tribune’s launch, its identity as a digital news organization has included using technology to provide important data as a vital aspect of its mission to educate and inform Texans. Texas Tribune reporters and software engineers use public information to create data visualizations and data interactives in order to provide the full picture on the issues, giving Texans statewide the tools to be more thoughtful, productive and civically engaged. Roughly 60 percent of the Tribune’s total page views at come from readers using these and other Tribune data tools.

The goal of the data project is to give stakeholders increased access to nonpartisan data and information and to drive awareness of key issues by regularly publishing fact-based stories, producing new data visualizations, adding new data as it is released and promoting the data applications at the Tribune’s destination web site and to media partners and statewide organizations. The project will serve citizens, educational professionals, researchers, journalists and decision-makers so that they may use publicly available education data to learn, collaborate, share information and effect change for greater student success.