Review Process

Greater Texas Foundation’s board and committees typically meet once a month to conduct foundation business.  A part of these monthly meetings is a review of current letters of inquiry (LOI) and full proposals pending final determination.  With respect to the timing of these meetings, the following timeline represents the foundation’s typical grant review process.

Review of Letter of Inquiry

Unless responding to a specific RFP, organizations interested in funding from Greater Texas Foundation must first submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) to the foundation.

  1. Once received, the LOI is acknowledged by email within 48 business hours.
  2. The LOI is reviewed by foundation staff to determine whether the foundation’s present interests, guidelines, mission and funds permit consideration of the request.
  3. If the request is clearly outside the foundation’s funding guidelines, an immediate declination email and/or letter will be sent to the applicant within 2 weeks.
  4. Should the LOI merit further consideration, it will be presented to the foundation’s Charitable Activities Committee within 6 weeks (depending on receipt date and meeting schedule).
  5. The Charitable Activities Committee will typically review the LOI and decide to either invite a full proposal or decline the LOI.
  6. The foundation’s final determination on the LOI is conveyed to the applicant within one week of the committee’s decision. Proposal guidelines are provided to the applicant only if a full proposal is invited.

Review of Full Proposal

Unless otherwise indicated, no grant proposals are accepted unless the request begins with a successful LOI.

  1. Once received, the full proposal is acknowledged by email within 48 business hours.
  2. The full proposal is reviewed by foundation staff to determine if the request is complete, extends upon the accepted LOI, and provides a clearly articulated plan for the proposed project that includes demonstrated ability to meet the milestones, performance targets, and outcomes set forth in the proposal.  The plan for evaluation, assessment, and measuring impact are reviewed closely to ensure the foundation’s interest in outcomes and impact are addressed in the proposal.
  3. Foundation staff may provide feedback to the applicant for areas of revision to strengthen the proposal into a final version ready for the Charitable Activities Committee’s consideration.  Site visits may also take place at this stage of the review process to gain a greater understanding of the proposed project and to meet with staff responsible for carrying out the activities.  This stage of the review process can take up to two months (or more in some cases) depending upon the complexity of the grant, extent of revisions necessary, and the applicant’s timeliness.
  4. Once the final version of the proposal is submitted, it is presented to the Charitable Activities Committee for review and recommendation to the foundation’s Board of Directors.
  5. The committee’s recommendation is then presented to the board for final determination.  The board votes to determine if the full proposal will be approved or declined.  During the intervening month, a site visit may be scheduled if not included as described in #3 above.
  6. The foundation’s final determination on the proposal is conveyed to the applicant within one week of the board’s final decision.
  7. In the case of approved grants, a grant agreement is initiated within one week.  No payments will be made until the agreement is executed and returned.