Foundation Initiated Research

A major component of the foundation’s strategy is supporting research. Click on the links below and on the left to read more about foundation-initiated research.

Dollars for Degrees
In 2009, Greater Texas Foundation (GTF) engaged FSG Social Impact Advisors to examine how scholarship funders, including GTF, could design their programs to improve post-secondary persistence and completion, in addition to improving access. Forward-looking scholarship funders have an opportunity to structure and target their post-secondary scholarships so that they enable student success.

Texas Regional Action Plan
In 2010, Greater Texas Foundation, Communities Foundation of Texas, Houston Endowment, and The Meadows Foundation engaged FSG Social Impact Advisors to identify and research historically underserved regions in Texas where targetedpostsecondary completion efforts could be most impactful. To learn more, read the Texas Regional Action Plan.

A Study of Dual Credit Access and Effectiveness in the State of Texas (For a printable version, click here.)

In 2010, with the support of Greater Texas Foundation (GTF), the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University initiated a study of dual credit opportunities in the state of Texas. Through a Capstone course directed by Prof. Jeryl L. Mumpower, Director of the Master of Public Service and Administration Program, this group was charged with analyzing and presenting data related to both the degree of access to dual credit resources throughout Texas, as well as the effectiveness of dual credit opportunities by type. Greater Texas Foundation further charged the Capstone group with examining the dual credit opportunities for minority, low-income, and rural populations. Throughout a year-long course of study, the Capstone team worked to collect data regarding these issues.

Mathematics for College Readiness: A survey of math requirements at Texas postsecondary institutions

NCAN: Texas College Access Inventory

Technical Assistance: Coach and Data Facilitator Support Among Texas Colleges

GTF Data Navigator