In 2009, Greater Texas Foundation (GTF) underwent a six-month strategic planning process in partnership with FSG, in which the foundation examined current and projected educational needs in Texas and how the foundation’s efforts could be best aligned to address those needs. This strategy led to the adoption of the foundation’s focus on postsecondary preparation, access, persistence, and completion in the state of Texas. Since then, through administering grants, creating relationships, and convening stakeholders, Greater Texas Foundation has worked to deepen its understanding of the postsecondary landscape in Texas and enhance its ability to create positive change.

In 2014, after five years of executing this strategy, GTF again partnered with FSG to undertake a comprehensive review of its work. Throughout this process the foundation maintained its focus on postsecondary preparation, access, persistence, and success in Texas – but also explored how it might increase its positive impact in a quickly-changing postsecondary landscape. Please read on for a brief overview of the research that informed the foundation’s strategic planning process as well as an overview of the resulting updates to the foundation’s strategy.

Resulting Strategy

GTF’s resulting strategy includes an appreciation for the following:

  1. We believe support for regional-level work is critical so that regions across Texas can better collaborate, share information, and align systems that support the success of all students.
  2. We believe a focus on specific issues can provide leverage points for improving postsecondary outcomes across Texas.
  3. In addition to being a grantmaking organization, we believe we have a responsibility to use multiple roles to achieve greater impact, including roles related to research, convening, and policy advocacy.

To learn more, read Greater Texas Foundation: Texas Context for Strategic Plan.