Greater Texas Foundation is dedicated to helping more Texas students earn a postsecondary degree or credential. We do this work by making grants, building organizational capacity, supporting collective action, funding and sharing research, convening leaders, and forming partnerships, all with a focus on student success.

We prioritize our work around five areas of critical need:

Sustainable, data driven student supports so more Texans of all backgrounds can earn a postsecondary credential

Transition policies and practices that provide affordable, clear, and efficient postsecondary pathways so students can experience a smooth and successful academic trajectory

Partnerships with rural communities to ensure the students who live there have the academic resources, guidance, and support they need to complete a credential

Scalable math education models that will allow more Texas students to successfully prepare for and complete a postsecondary credential

Innovative solutions to identify better ways to serve all Texas students

In this year’s Annual Report we focus on our Student Supports portfolio­­—investments made to help students have the academic, financial, physical, and emotional resources they need to be successful in their postsecondary education. And in 2020, two broad challenges had significant impact on students pursuing postsecondary education—the global pandemic and the struggle for equity and justice in our society.