Grant Announcement: $909,195 Grant from Greater Texas Foundation Will Extend E3 Alliance’s Pathways of Promise Initiative

A $909,195 grant from Greater Texas Foundation will extend E3 Alliance’s Pathways of Promise initiative, which seeks to ensure low-income students and students of color in Central Texas participate in advanced math coursework in middle and high school at the same rate as their peers. Through this initiative, E3 Alliance brings together district leaders to analyze current math course-taking patterns, then develop and implement changes in policy and practice to close any gaps in the data. Through this grant, E3 will continue this work with two particular areas of emphasis: 1) Deepening engagement with parents and other family members to encourage them to enroll their children in advanced math pathways, and 2) Training additional math teachers and leaders in equity-based math practices through a partnership with the National Alliance for Partners in Equity (NAPE).

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