Grant Announcement: Emergency Bridge Funding

Greater Texas Foundation announces a grant in the amount of $60,000 to E3 Alliance in support of their project, Emergency Bridge Funding

E3 Alliance is a data-driven non-profit education collaborative based in Austin, Texas. Its mission is to use objective data and focused community collaboration to align Central Texas education systems so all students succeed and lead the region to economic prosperity. The Emergency Bridge Funding project is a new regional initiative aiming to meet financial challenges of high-needs college students. The project establishes a pool of funding for underserved students to use to overcome financial crisis and avoid “stopping out” of college. Students receiving these funds will be recruited among community-based partners of the Austin College Access Network (ACAN) and the Austin Opportunity Youth Collaborative (AOYC) whose clients attend college in Central Texas. The Emergency Bridge Funding project is expected to improve recipients’ year-to-year persistence and, ultimately, completion of postsecondary credentials.  

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