Grant Announcement: Guided Pathways

Greater Texas Foundation announces a grant of $500,000 to The University of Texas at Austin to create an innovative online tool students, educators, and higher education institutions can use to help students streamline postsecondary pathways.

UT Austin’s Guided Pathways project tackles a problem thousands of Texas students face every year: inefficient transfer. Most undergraduate students in the state earn college credit from multiple institutions. The rules about which courses count toward a given degree are complex and varied, making it difficult for students and advisers to understand, analyze, and compare program requirements across schools. As a result, transfer students often lose credit for courses they have already taken and must spend more time than expected to finish their degree.

In partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse, the Guided Pathways team will work with colleges and universities across the state to develop a technology-based infrastructure to provide clear, accessible information about what courses students should take given the schools they plan to attend and the degree they intend to earn. This online tool will take the guesswork out of transfer and provide students with a defined path to their postsecondary educational goals. Consequently, students will accumulate fewer excess credit hours and increase their likelihood of completing their degree, making higher education more effective and affordable for all stakeholders.

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