Grant Announcement: TEGAC Guided Pathways Policy Work Group

Greater Texas Foundation (GTF) will support research on guided pathways with a $25,000 grant to the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC). In 2013, the Texas legislature passed House Bill 5, which required high schools to offer endorsements in broad career pathways that would connect students to postsecondary programs and jobs. Now that high schools have had four years to implement HB5, questions remain about how well these endorsements align with viable postsecondary pathways.

Support from GTF will allow TEGAC to partner with the Texas Student Success Council to conduct qualitative research exploring how school districts and institutions of higher education are coordinating counseling and advising, and to what extent they are aligning endorsements to postsecondary offerings, including dual credit courses. The Consortium’s findings will be developed and shared with policymakers over the next 18 months.

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