The GTF Faculty Fellows program supports research aligned with the foundation’s mission and strategy while building research capacity for junior faculty. Grants are made to accredited public universities for a period of three years at an amount of up to $30,000 per project per year.

Read on to learn more about the research conducted by the fifth cohort of GTF Fellows. To learn more about the program and view research published by current and past GTF Fellows, click here.

Project ACCESS: Acquisition of Curricular Content for Exceptional Success in Science
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Led by Dr. Angela Chapman, Assistant Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning
Research Abstract

Black Students’ Networks with Peers and Staff at Texas Higher Education Institutions: Understanding Social Connections in the Post-Fisher Era
The University of Texas at Austin
Led by Dr. Joshua Childs, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Administration
Research Abstract

Demystifying the College-Going Culture: A Qualitative Approach for Understanding the Impact of Dual Credit Participation on Low-Income, First-Generation Students of Color from Urban and Rural Communities
Texas Tech University
Led by Dr. Hugo Garcia-Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, Department of Higher Education
Research Abstract

Designing Accessible Approaches for Student Success: An Online First-Year Seminar for Students Enrolled in Developmental Mathematics
Sam Houston State University
Led by Dr. Forrest Lane, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership
Research Abstract

Evaluating the Transition to College Mathematics Courses in Texas High Schools
The University of Texas at Austin
Led by Dr. James Pustejovsky, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology
Research Abstract

Can’t Buy Me College: The Role of College Support Nonprofits in an Era of Rising Costs
Texas State University
Led by Dr. Marialena Rivera, Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education & School Improvement