Grant Announcement: Accelerating Educational Outcomes through the El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence

A $180,000 Greater Texas Foundation grant to The University of Texas at El Paso will support the continued work of the El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence (EPCAE). Celebrating over 25 years of success in the region, EPCAE has been recognized as one of the most innovative and effective systemic education reform efforts in the United States. It has provided intensive long-term professional development to thousands of administrators and teachers in the region; established high standards and developed and implemented rigorous curricular programs across the region; promoted and helped establish policies requiring all student to be enrolled in high-quality academic programs; and supported a culture of accountability among all stakeholders for academic success among all students, PK-16. Grant funds will allow the collaborative to further its collective impact, particularly by accelerating and enhancing the work of its action networks.

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