Rural Collaborations

About 610,000 K-12 students live in rural regions of Texas.

Although they graduate from high school at a rate that
exceeds the state average, they are less likely than their
peers to have access to college-level coursework, take
college entrance exams, or enroll in college.

Greater Texas Foundation partners with rural communities to build the supports
students need to access and complete a postsecondary credential by:
Building partnerships with organizations that serve rural students and communities,
particularly in ways that allow regions to optimize existing resources through collective action

Supporting research on strategies to address barriers for rural students

Using research to build the knowledge of partners, policymakers, and institutions

GTF’s most significant
impact on Texas is its
continued focus on the
citizens in rural

Through these intentional relationships, we aim to increase the number of rural Texas students who have the academic resources, guidance, and support necessary to complete a
postsecondary credential.

Rural students in Texas face unique obstacles to
postsecondary success. Find out more.

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