Grant Announcement: Event series on impacts of COVID-19 on higher education in Texas

Greater Texas Foundation is granting $100,000 to the Texas Tribune to support an event series on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on higher education in Texas. Four events across the state will increase understanding of important issues in higher education brought about by the pandemic. State and national data will inform productive dialogue on matters affecting and contributing to student achievement such as:

  • How has the pandemic affected the progress Texas has made to improve student outcomes, especially for groups like low-income students or non-traditional students?
  • Do Texans without a degree or credential who became unemployed believe that college is a viable path forward for them?
  • What special roles do community colleges and regional public universities play in helping Texans who became unemployed during the pandemic learn new skills and reenter the workforce?
  • What opportunities have emerged for flexible online and hybrid course options, and can these approaches increase access to higher education for low-income and non-traditional students?

The events will be produced in a virtual/in-person hybrid format and will be freely accessible to the public.

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