Grant Announcement: Texas Pathways

Greater Texas Foundation announces a grant in the amount of $2,000,000 to the Texas Success Center in support of their project, Texas Pathways: Five-Year Implementation

The Texas Success Center provides statewide coherence to student success initiatives and advocates for related policies. The Texas Pathways project is designed to increase students’ postsecondary attainment and entry into meaningful careers by helping schools, colleges, and universities partner to provide aligned default pathways from high school to college and work. The project will recruit all 50 Texas community college districts to engage in a series of institutes that will guide leaders in building capacity for Pathways, analyzing institutional data, and planning for action. The project will also provide templates and models colleges can use to perform degree inventories, ensure degree alignment with K-12 schools and universities, improve advising and student support services, and redesign local policies. The intended outcome is the creation and implementation of cross-sector guided pathways at scale led regionally by all community colleges in the state. 

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