Grant Announcement: The Texas Transfer Project

Greater Texas Foundation announces a grant of $398,000 to The University of Texas at Austin to support continued research on transfer-intending community college students.

This funding extends an existing study, led by Dr. Huriya Jabbar and Dr. Lauren Schudde, analyzing the complete transfer process, from initial intention to baccalaureate completion or dropout. With five years of qualitative data on a sample of 103 community college students, this will be one of the longest and largest qualitative studies of community college students in the literature and the only one focused explicitly on transfer-intending students. To further strengthen the policy relevance and contribution of the project, the PIs will incorporate quantitative data from the Texas Education Research Center to illustrate how the rich experiential observations from the qualitative data align with broader patterns of credit accumulation and transfer. The PIs will disseminate the results broadly, with an eye on informing ongoing policy discussions in Texas and the higher education literature to identify policy solutions at the state and institutional level to improve student outcomes.

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