Issue Briefs: The Pathway to Completion

Only one in five Texas eighth graders will complete some form of postsecondary credential within six years of high school graduation. Greater Texas Foundation works to ensure students remain on a solid education pathway by supporting efforts to ensure Texas students are prepared for, have access to, persist in, and complete postsecondary education. This series of briefs focuses on four important points along the pathway to completion.

High School Advising: In Texas, the pathway to college and career starts early, with the selection of a high school graduation plan and an optional endorsement in a concentrated area of study in eighth grade, and continues throughout high school. College and career guidance from counselors plays an important role in this process. Read more about how school counselors affect students’ persistence and completion of postsecondary credentials.

Dual Credit: Texas policy has encouraged the growth of dual credit programs for high school students, as earning college credit while in high school can reduce barriers to enrolling and persisting in higher education. Learn more about how dual credit in the state of Texas is structured.

Transition to College: Just half of all Texas public school students complete the transition from secondary education to postsecondary education. Some students transition with positive momentum due to participation in dual credit and early college high school, while others transition into developmental education, which may slow their progress toward a credential. Learn more about how students move from secondary to postsecondary education.

Postsecondary Pathways: The Texas Pathways Model developed by the Texas Success Center is “an integrated systems-wide approach to student success based on intentionally designed, clear, coherent, and structured educational experiences.” Learn more about pathways for Texas students.

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