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GTF Scholars share their stories

The GTF Scholars program was the first of its kind in Texas, designed in 2012 to help Early College High School graduates thrive in college and earn a bachelor’s degree at a lower cost and with less debt. Because of the unequivocal success of the program, Greater Texas Foundation has approved $12 million in new funding for GTF Scholars over the next eight years.

Recently, we sat down with some of our GTF Scholars to hear how the program is contributing to their success in transitioning from an Early College High School to a four-year university. This 
new video captures their experiences and reflections.

I learned a really strong set of
leadership skills that I could apply
anywhere in my life.”

– Sabrina Portillo

Want to hear more stories from GTF Scholars?

Read two student profiles in our recent annual report.

Eight partner institutions named for next wave of successful GTF Scholars program

Because of the program’s overwhelming effectiveness, the foundation is extending the GTF Scholars initiative for eight more years, with a new investment of over $12 million. A third wave of partner institutions has been selected to implement our signature program.

Get smart: Take advantage of our Resource Library

Do you need to get up to speed on an issue? Our Resource Library contains staff-written Issue Briefs, how-to articles, assets shared by partners, and research papers by scholars and practitioners.

All are free and designed for quick review, then deeper reading. The resources provide analysis, insights, and outcomes of the work we do in four strategic areas: student supports; transfer, transition, and advising; rural collaborations; and math for success.

Check out valuable resources like these:

Four Keys to Collaboration in Rural Texas
Key learnings from 46 rural education leaders

How to Support Opportunity Youth in Texas
Discussion summary from our 2021 convening

Grantmaking Update

Since our founding, Greater Texas Foundation has awarded more than $142 million in grants to changemakers in Texas education. In late 2022, we approved grants to the following organizations:

Achieving the Dream, Inc.

Helping college leadership teams create systems change

Instruction Partners

Enhancing math learning in Brownsville

Texas Center for Child and Family Studies

Supporting postsecondary students with experience in the foster care system

Texas Community College Education Initiative
$1.2 million

Creating clear, efficient pathways

Texas Higher Education Foundation

Developing the Institutional Collaboration Center

What We’re Reading Now

Foundation staffers recommend these recent publications:
Texas Association of Community Colleges recently published “Building a Stronger Texas Workforce Together.” This report reflects the input of business and local leaders and presents action items to improve student outcomes while addressing critical employer workforce needs.

The Community College Research Center looked at community college enrollment trends during the first two years of the COVID pandemic. They found that trends vary by student age and dual-enrolled high schoolers now make up almost 20% of community college enrollment.

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