Vista: November 2021

New Resources for our Partners

The Resource Library on our website is filled with actionable research and practical briefs to assist our partners. Here are a few recent additions:

This brief describes the Dana Center’s MathEquity Texas initiative and shares perspectives from participants ​and stakeholders, including ​Greater Texas Foundation’s Director of Programs & Strategy, Leslie Gurrola.
A recent paper from our collaborator JFF describes the Texas policy landscape for opportunity youth.
Since 2014, Greater Texas Foundation has invested more than $13 million to boost postsecondary success in rural areas of Texas. Allison Pennington, Programs & Strategy Associate, shared the lessons we learned in this article published in The Foundation Review.

In Case You Missed It

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Champions of opportunity youth share solutions

In April, we brought together 80+ people to answer the question, “What would it take to reconnect opportunity youth to education and work equitably and at scale?” The convening report shows how organizations across Texas are serving this important group.

Standing with Students

Amid the challenging environment of 2020, we funded many student-centered programs that became beacons of hope, meeting students where they are with timely, tailored, and relevant support to keep them on the track to a postsecondary credential. In our 2020 Annual Report, we share those stories.

Grantmaking Update

Since our founding, Greater Texas Foundation has awarded $115 million in grants for student-centered solutions to help more Texas students achieve their educational goals. Check our website to see investments we’ve made recently.

It’s a Wrap: Texas Rural Collaborations Convening

Just a couple of weeks ago, the foundation hosted the Texas Rural Collaboration Virtual Convening. We plan to release a report summarizing themes from the event, as well as the Guide to Texas Rural Education Collaboratives, through our website, newsletter, and social media channels in Spring 2022. Stay tuned!

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