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(Preparation, Access, Persistence, and Completion)

$55,851.09 to Blinn College (Brenham)
To support opportunities for researching best practices and aligning student, parent, and staff supports in order to create a post-secondary model at Blinn College's Schulenburg campus that includes dual credit.

$300,000 to Breakthrough (Austin)
To support the launch of a new organizational strategy to create systems change: a school-based model combining direct advising to students with capacity building services to target high schools in Central Texas to improve college-going rates in the region.

$1,250,000 to Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc./Educate Texas (Dallas)
To support RGV FOCUS which utilizes the collective impact approach to achieve its shared vision that all Rio Grande Valley learners will achieve a degree or credential that leads to a meaningful career and successful life.

$37,827.33 to E3 Alliance (Austin)
To support Pathways of Promise 3.0 which aims to build systems for equitable STEM and career pathways.

$5,000 to Education Service Center Region XIII (Austin)
To support the Texas Rural Schools Spring Conference, during which participants will share best practices in instruction and administration, have opportunities to collaborate, examine important changes in education law, discuss educational equity and access, and share teacher recruitment and retention practices.

$80,000 to EduGuide (Lansing, MI)
To support a short-term extension of EduGuide's program to complete the academic year for students in the Rio Grande Valley.

$7,500 to Excelencia in Education, Inc. (Washington, DC)
To support Excelencia in Education's plans for a Seal of Excelencia regional institute targeting institutions in Texas on December 11, 2019 at San Antonio College. The agenda is focused on sharing and learning with institutional teams about the data and practices that are useful in intentionally serving Latino students.

$1,211,540 to Jobs for the Future, Inc. (Boston, MA)
To support the introduction of a second cohort of schools and programs to the Back on Track model and to provide subgrants and technical assistance/coaching to ensure that Back on Track practices are implemented with quality and fidelity.

$10,000 to National College Access Network, Inc. (Washington, DC)
To support a rural learning track at NCAN's 2019 National Conference.

$50,000 to Temple University (Philadelphia, PA)
To support the nation's premier conference on addressing food and housing insecurity among college students held in Houston, TX in the fall of 2019.

$2,500 to Texas A&M Foundation (College Station)
To support the Charles V. Wootan Memorial Fellowship that provides scholarships for a graduate fellowship to a student working for the Texas Transportation Institute.

$5,000 to Texas A&M Foundation (College Station)
To support the John J. Koldus Quality of Student Life Endowment that benefits students, their families, student groups/organizations, various departments within the division of Student Services, and other unidentified needs which benefit the quality of student life at Texas A&M University.

$160,000 to Texas A&M University (College Station)
To support the GTF TAMU Advising Corps which places two recent A&M graduates at the two Bryan ISD high schools to serve as college advisers.

$265,531 to The University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington)
To support research that will investigate the extent to which students' completion of specific endorsements impacts their high school graduation, college choice, major selection, college persistence, academic performance, and degree attainment.

$5,000 to The University of Texas at Austin (Austin)
To support the 6th Annual Texas Male Student Leadership Summit convened by the Texas Education Consortium for Male Students of Color.

$21,966 to The University of Texas at Austin (Austin)
To support the Transfer Student Leadership Summit which convenes transfer and community college students to define the Texas transfer experience, identify obstacles at receiving institutions, and spread best practices in transfer support across the state.

$1,200,000 to The University of Texas at Austin (Austin)
To support the implementation of UTeach at Stephen F. Austin State University to address the deficit in quantity, quality, and diversity of the secondary STEM teaching force across the greater East Texas region.

$180,000 to The University of Texas at El Paso (El Paso)
To support the training and employment of a program manager and data analyst to reinforce and move the El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence (EPCAE) to new practices and behaviors.

$10,000 to Waco Foundation (Waco)
To provide partial funding for the Texas Rural Funders Collaborative to support the Texas Tribune's coverage of issues affecting rural Texas and statewide engagement activities in several areas.


  • $2,500 to Grantmakers for Education
  • $7,390 to Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
  • $1,152 to PEAK Grantmaking, Inc.

Distributed as part of the foundation’s Educational Matching Grant Program, whereby the foundation matches contributions to eligible grantees made by officers, board members, external committee members, managers, and employees.

  • $15,000 to McCoy College of Business Foundation at Texas State University
  • $15,000 to Howard Payne University
  • $750 to Southwestern University
  • $20,000 to Stephen F. Austin State University
  • $10,225 to Texas A&M Foundation
  • $9,500 to The Texas A&M University Commerce Foundation
  • $15,000 to University of North Texas at Dallas Foundation

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