Investing for the Future in Rural Texas

Rural communities hold the key to Texas’ future. Rural areas account for 85% of Texas’ land mass, contribute $132 billion to the state’s GDP, and represent 13% of the state’s K-12 student population. The state of Texas will not achieve its educational attainment and economic development goals without fully unlocking the talent and potential of its rural residents. That is why Greater Texas Foundation makes it a priority to invest in rural educational collaboratives, because enhancing postsecondary attainment not only strengthens small town economies and offers rural residents a better quality of life, but also has significant impact on statewide prosperity.
Rural communities foster creativity

Rural communities can provide the perfect environment for collaboration and innovation. Many rural communities have the benefit of being more tight-knit with a stronger sense of community needs.

A small town can be more nimble in responding to opportunity and affecting change.

One of the hallmarks of a successful rural collaborative is dedicated and passionate leadership. In this report, we share several examples of successful programs brought to life by leaders with a vision, who set high standards, reached out to community partners, sourced necessary resources, and worked tirelessly to create opportunity for their neighbors. These leaders are an inspiration and the foundation is honored to support their success.

The 700,000+ students in rural Texas are the key to the future of our state. Thanks to partners like those profiled in this annual report, more rural students can access equitable educational opportunities and we will all benefit from more bountiful opportunities and wider horizons.

Sue McMillin
President & CEO