Looking Forward​

Bright Prospects in Every Zip Code

In Texas, a third of all schools are in rural areas. Those areas are vital to the future of our state.

Students in rural Texas face unique barriers to postsecondary achievement, but for Texas to remain competitive on a national and international level, we must invest in our rural students. By building better linkages between K-12 and postsecondary education, we can strengthen the college-going pipeline. And by mapping existing educational and work opportunities onto regional economic goals, rural areas can build a path to greater economic prosperity.

Greater Texas Foundation will continue to seek partners and grantmaking opportunities to invest in rural collaborations, to the benefit of the entire state. We welcome your partnership in this effort.

GTF’s most significant impact on Texas is its continued focus on the citizens in rural communities.

— Evelyn Waiwaiole,
Temple College

Although 2020 presented tremendous challenges, it deepened our commitment to serve Texas students.

The public health crisis and its aftermath reinforced the importance of supporting the whole student through the many challenges they face in life.

The increasing focus on social injustices across the country underscored the need to acknowledge and dismantle the barriers different student populations confront. 

We are grateful for the strong and capable partners we have worked with over the past year—whose flexibility, creativity, and determination allowed us to continue our work during difficult circumstances.

We are grateful for education champions at the institution, state, and federal level who were faced with impossible choices and did their best to keep students at the heart of their work. And above all, we are grateful for our Texas students—their resilience, persistence, and strength in the face of immense challenges was an inspiration to us all.

As we look toward next year, we know our strategy to support Texas students remains more important than ever. In the years to come, we will continue in our resolve to stand with Texas students and offer the support they need to ensure they have the bright future they deserve.

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