Vista: August 2021

A new view for our enduring mission

In support of our strategic plan, Greater Texas Foundation has been revisiting our brand and strengthening our communications programs.

Our updated branding honors our history while emphasizing our focus on the future and the energy we bring to the work. This newsletter has a new name and a new look and puts resources for our partners and grantees at the forefront. Our renewed website is designed to help you find what you need.

Does your school have enough college and career advisors?

Research shows that 70 percent of Texas high school counselors are working with more than the ASCA recommended number of students. Our newest Issue Brief, “Four Guiding Principles for Effective College and Career Advising”, shares resources and best practices for schools with limited advising resources. Grantees and partners from across the state of Texas contributed to this compilation of practical approaches.

Grantmaking Update

In 2021, Greater Texas Foundation has already awarded $11 million in new grants for student-centered solutions to help more Texas students achieve their educational goals. Our grantmaking is collaborative and ambitious and we continue to seek proposals for programs and research that have broad reach and meaningful impact.

Do you have a program that might be a fit? Head to the Grants section of our website to see investments we’ve made recently and to learn how we work with grantees.

Partner Perspective

With its vast rural landscape and almost 900,000 rural students, Texas is a challenging place to deliver college access programs. So when Texas A&M University developed a promising new model to leverage their AgriLife Extension Service agents in 9 Texas counties to provide information and coaching about postsecondary options, we were eager to partner with them.

This recent article in Texas A&M Foundation’s Spirit Magazine tells how the program is helping rural Texas students envision their path to higher education.

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